Share More This Christmas

It’s the time of the year again when it is not just festive but jolly too. People are always in a good mood and sharing is but a natural tendency for many especially that most employees receive bonuses to spend on gifts and good food. For those who have more than enough for their family, they don’t hesitate to spread the love and good cheer by donating to charities and the less fortunate, so they too experience what the holiday spirit is all about. While it is not always about material stuff, we can’t deny the fact that as human beings, we have material needs. We need to eat. That is a primary need and won’t it be a little nicer if others can also get to eat more sumptuous food during one of the most special days of the year.

Charities are actually active all year-round. They are most active during times of disasters and during special occasions when a little kindness can go a long way in uplifting the lives of our less fortunate brothers and sisters. While it essentially benefits the impoverished, gift-giving and donating to charities also has its perks to the donors through tax credits. Yes, your good intentions and good deeds make a difference both to you and to your recipient. But of course, you have to donate to recognized and legit charities and not just anywhere if you want to receive some type of remuneration from the government afterward. However, if you want to share without any expectations, …

Is Charity Still Practiced Today?

Poverty is not only a third world problem. There are plenty of homeless people even in a progressive country like America. But being poor does not necessarily mean you have to live on the streets.

Entrepreneurs feed on consumerism. Many consumer goods and services are sold and marketed as essential needs when in reality they aren’t. For example, do you need to change your phone every time major telecom companies release a new model?

With the growing need to acquire stuff, people feel that what they have is not enough. Hence, they forgot to share to others who are desperately in need when they themselves feel that they are lacking. It is why the religious sector is stepping in and gives back to the people what the government can’t always provide.

Religious groups are reclaiming their role from the welfare state, says Anne Danks of the Trussell Trust. It does not always make for an easy relationship with government. Their existence highlights the fact that the welfare state is not plugging the holes, she says. “Sometimes we need to speak hard truths to people in power in order to help the marginalised.”

American contemporaries should learn from the Brits and look after their own poor.

One in four British charities—nearly 50,000 in all—is faith-based, says Rachel Wharton of New Philanthropy Capital, a think-tank. Half of all charities working in overseas aid have religious roots. Such groups receive nearly a quarter of the total income of registered charities in England and Wales—about £16bn ($20bn) a

Community Groups And Their Impact To The World At Large

Community groups have a big influence in their community in bringing about a positive change that benefits everybody. Unlike government organizations, they operate independently and support causes that hit home. Often made up of like-minded individuals, community groups offer social support to citizens through various activities, charity work, and in voicing out people’s concerns to make sure it is heard.

Wherever you may be, there are community groups in place that you can tap for support. In California, for instance, community groups met with officials of the State Board of Education to discuss their sentiments regarding the school accountability system.

Parent Revolution, Center for American Progress, and Teach Plus California issued the 18-page report with the support of Educators 4 Excellence, National Council of Negro Women, Students Matter, Students for Education Reform and others. The report offers a variety of suggestions on how to simplify the state’s idea of a color-coded and more nuanced ranking of schools called the California School Dashboard.


Meanwhile, some community groups have a global impact and operate in many countries worldwide. They are a collective body of concerned individuals and professionals that looks after the rights of a child, including the right to an education while working hand in hand with their respective families.

You can likewise visit this page for an example of an active community group that cultivates a community that is evolving and nurtures economic, environmental, and social responsibility among its people.

Community groups are taking the initiative to help citizens in a major …