Smoking pot is frowned upon in most societies for years now. It is considered illegal, which is why many people smoke it away from the prying eyes of the public than risk being caught, reprimanded, and persecuted. Generally called as pot, it actually is marijuana leaves or cannabis that is often smoked by people. Cannabis oil and flowers can also be used and its smoke or vapor is inhaled and is consequently absorbed into the bloodstream. You can also put it under your tongue or apply it on your skin aside from smoking and still enjoy the same high results.

Pot smokers smoke cannabis using bowls or bongs or in a cigarette form. Recent discoveries show that cannabis can help treat various medical conditions, which is why medical cannabis is gaining popularity in various US states and even countries abroad. However, it is not a perfect science and there are many contradictions to these findings that lead to confusion and conflicts. It’s the reason that up to now, legalizing marijuana use still raises the eyebrows of many and remains to be the subject of on-going debates.

Vermont’s Legislature become the first in the nation Wednesday to approve a recreational marijuana legalization bill.

Vermont’s bill, which would legalize small amounts of marijuana possession in 2018 and anticipate the possibility of a taxed and regulated legal marijuana market, was approved in the Vermont House of Representatives on Wednesday afternoon by a vote of 79-66. The state Senate already passed the bill, so it will go directly to GOP Gov. Phil Scott.

Eight states — Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon and Washington — and the District of Columbia have legalized marijuana following a voter referendum, but no state yet has legalized marijuana solely through the legislative process, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. Legalization advocates said bills were pending in other state legislatures.


While smoking pot is now legal in many states in America, you still have to be an adult or 21 years old and above to be able to smoke it for leisure. You can even grow marijuana on your own (a maximum of six plants per adult) if you aren’t comfortable buying your weed fix in special stores. And while it is already legal, it does not mean you can smoke it anywhere you want because there would likely be legal sanctions, especially when done in public areas.

California may become the first “sanctuary state” in the country for pot smokers after a new piece of legislation was sent to the Senate Monday.

The marijuana bill proposed by Democrat Assemblyman Reggie Jones Sawyer passed through the assembly Friday and is now in the hands of the Senate Public Safety Committee, LA Weekly reported Monday.

The bill would prevent state and local law enforcement from helping enforce federal drug laws against residents who, while breaking federal marijuana law, are in compliance with California law.

The Drug Policy Alliance, a lobbying group in support of the bill, said the legislation is the result of states’ growing fears that the Department of Justice will crack down on marijuana nationally under Attorney General Jeff Sessions.


Not only in California, other states like Colorado and Oregon are also coming up with bills to protect both weed growers and users, whether for medical or recreational use despite the threats of Trump and Session to sue or even deport citizens who get caught with marijuana in their possession.

Canada’s medical cannabis growers now supply about 170,000 patients, and many producers regularly sell out or run short of strains, says Aaron Salz. He was the first investment analyst on Bay Street to specialize in Canada’s cannabis industry, and is now a consultant to some of the big growers. 

The industry won’t be able to expand quickly enough to immediately supply all the Canadians who might want to buy recreational marijuana, he says.

Between four million and six million Canadians will use cannabis recreationally next year, says Health Canada, drawing on estimates from both government and private sources.

In 13 months, when “the taps are turned on” for legal recreational pot, says Salz, “We are going to have a supply shortage. I’m highly confident of that.”


Not only is the legalization of smoking recreational marijuana making waves in America but even to the nearby country of Canada as well as the possibility of using it in the field of medicine and science. However, you just can’t easily say yes to cannabis legalization because it still has to undergo a stringent process but it is pretty obvious that there is a growing demand for it as well. Today, legislators are doubling their efforts in getting it legalized and in approving licenses to ensure that the weed industry can also meet the demand for weed that will only get bigger and bigger as the years pass by.

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  1. A smoking pot is now legal in many states in America and you can even grow marijuana on your own which is also legal.

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