Not all types of pain are the same. Just like everyone has a varying level of pain tolerance, different health conditions trigger different types and intensity of pain as well. Simple cuts and bruises do not necessarily require you to take a painkiller but some do depend on how big and deep the affected area is. Bur for chronic pain that just won’t go away, patients often get hooked on the painkillers they are taking. The sad part here aside from the obvious addiction is that the dosage of their medicine had to be constantly increased as they become used to its effect and their tolerance to it likewise increases.

Here comes medical marijuana to the rescue. For quite some time now, people have been raving about the positive impact of medical cannabis to patients suffering from certain medical conditions especially the ones who suffer from chronic pain. Since medical marijuana became famous and have even been legalized in certain states, more people want to give it a try and it has consequently resulted in a decline in painkiller use.

Legalizing medical marijuana is controversial. Physicians have not always prescribed controlled substances wisely, as a look at our narcotic epidemic confirms. But marijuana is much safer than narcotics and, according to a recent study, might even save us money, by reducing people’s need for other, often more expensive medications.

Most notably, marijuana can be an effective part of comprehensive pain management. Millions of Americans suffer from chronic pain, caused by a wide range of disorders — inflammatory arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome and metastatic cancer, to name a few. Many medications that are used to manage such pain are expensive and carry substantial risk of substantial side effects. Marijuana can help alleviate pain, thereby reducing the need for those other medications.


In a way, the reduction in painkiller use means fewer people are relying on these drugs in the management of their pain and they now have a more organic alternative to pain management that delivers the same result minus the adverse reactions. Unfortunately, the problem with marijuana use it is still a bit challenging to monitor usage and medical experts may not always tell who uses it properly and when does abuse begin. Remember that there are generally two types of marijuana, the ones loaded with THC and the other with CBD. The latter is used in medical cannabis preparations but there are still some variants that mix both compounds inside one preparation. THC is common on recreational marijuana and induces the natural high weed is known for.

Some medical marijuana patients in Illinois say the drug has allowed them to reduce or eliminate their use of other prescription medication, a new study reports.

The study by DePaul and Rush universities was small, with 30 participants, and involved only those who volunteered to respond to the topic, so researchers conceded the results might be biased in favor of marijuana. But it’s believed to be the first peer-reviewed, published research of medical marijuana patients in Illinois.

And it provides direct anecdotal evidence of what has been suggested by previous studies, that marijuana may contribute to reduced use of opioid drugs, lead author Douglas Bruce said.

“One of the most compelling things to come out of this is that people are taking control of their own health, and most providers would agree that’s a good thing,”


There is no point in downplaying or ignoring the beneficial effects of medical marijuana because we all know it is good for our health when used properly. Nowadays, weed growers breed CBD-rich marijuana to meet the rising demands for medical cannabis as more and more states and countries outside of the United States recognize the potential of marijuana in promoting health and wellness.

There are different forms available in the market today. Some are sold as pills while there are cute gummy bear types that one can easily mistake for a sweet treat. Along with its growing popularity, the demand and sales for marijuana smoking related accessories spike up and many individuals learn the different ways marijuana can be used depending on the need.

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