Education is crucial to one’s success. However, other opportunities have also opened up for people who are gutsy enough to take risks and take the less traveled road. Parents used to reprimand their kids who got hooked on video games saying that they can’t make a career out of it. Who would’ve thought you can make a fortune just from playing video games now? It was probably unheard of back then but it is a reality for some really talented and skilled video game player now.

Professional video game players are such a hit now because of technological advancements that make the world go round today. And you are not just limited to becoming a DOTA player, for instance. You can also make money by developing new gaming technologies or sell it if you have the flair of a salesman. You have to be genuinely interested in the technology itself and know your way on the screen using a game console.

Attention Indiana Tech is looking for video game superstars who aren’t necessarily the Mountain Dew-drinking, Cheetos-eating, stay up with the lights off until 3 a.m. stereotype. But they’re welcome, too.

The university has made video gaming a varsity sport starting this fall and is actively recruiting players of two games, League of Legends and Hearthstone.

And, attention parents: Indiana Tech is offering scholarships to gamers with the right stuff.

The new collegiate sport, taking hold at a handful of other universities around the country, can be traced to a modest beginning at Indiana Tech in 2015.

What started as a club team in a hot basement with a tangle of extension cords has now been elevated to a gaming arena with custom-made gaming stations, state-of-the-art gaming chairs and a coach’s office.


And to ease the worries of most parents, there is indeed a future in video games. The world is different now and your children who are obsessed with these virtual playthings can make a living out of it too as players themselves and even get an education too at the same time.

Don’t be too hard on a kid playing video games for hours on end. He or she may be working toward a very lucrative career.

Video gaming is making some young people very very rich. One of the most successful gamers, a guy who goes by the online name “PewDiePie” earns an estimated $7 million dollars a year playing games like “League of Legends”. He’s 26 years old.

“A professional e­sports player in the world today makes as much as any major athlete in any major sport,” says Robert Rippee the director of a new e­sports lab at the University of Nevada Las Vegas.

“We’re going to explore the concepts around e­sports and how to integrate them into here, you know, the large casino environment.”

UNLV is one of many colleges and universities adding e­sports to campus life, whether that’s in courses or sanctioned teams. Robert Morris University is offering scholarships to video game players after it added e­sports to the athletic program along with football and basketball.


A typical video gamer can elevate their social status in life by taking a career in this $5-billion industry. Even in Youtube, vloggers earn money from people who watch their videos of them playing video games. Huh? Yes, it is a thing now. Others are even more ambitious such as the Korean “League of Legend” tournament which sold out 88,000 tickets from people wanting to see 10 video gamers play on the big screen. No more questions asked.

If you don’t have a knack for playing itself, you can find an equally lucrative career as a video game developer. Not only are your platforms limited to typical video game gadgets themselves since you can also tap the smartphone market too. As long as you have the passion and skill in playing video games, you can be successful in this field even though it probably isn’t the dream of your parents for you. The point is you succeeded.

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