Share More This Christmas

It’s the time of the year again when it is not just festive but jolly too. People are always in a good mood and sharing is but a natural tendency for many especially that most employees receive bonuses to spend on gifts and good food. For those who have more than enough for their family, they don’t hesitate to spread the love and good cheer by donating to charities and the less fortunate, so they too experience what the holiday spirit is all about. While it is not always about material stuff, we can’t deny the fact that as human beings, we have material needs. We need to eat. That is a primary need and won’t it be a little nicer if others can also get to eat more sumptuous food during one of the most special days of the year.

Charities are actually active all year-round. They are most active during times of disasters and during special occasions when a little kindness can go a long way in uplifting the lives of our less fortunate brothers and sisters. While it essentially benefits the impoverished, gift-giving and donating to charities also has its perks to the donors through tax credits. Yes, your good intentions and good deeds make a difference both to you and to your recipient. But of course, you have to donate to recognized and legit charities and not just anywhere if you want to receive some type of remuneration from the government afterward. However, if you want to share without any expectations, …

When Giving Becomes The Problem

People do not hesitate to give and share their blessings if they only have more than enough. We may say that the world is a harsh place to live in now but there is still hope for humanity as people still do random acts of kindness and become a brother or a sister to others especially to those who have nothing. While not everyone is blessed to have more than what they need, many still respond to the call of charity. We may think that this is the answer to many of the world’s current problems but it has barely scratched the surface.

Despite the many internal problems faced by most progressive nations, they are often the first ones to extend a helping hand to any country that has survived the wrath of Mother Nature or any terrible tragedy caused by man. Unfortunately, some poorer countries take advantage of the help they receive from other nations that the mere concept of charity has forced people to resort to fraudulent scams like orphanage tourism in order to continually enjoy the steady stream of outside financial help and keep it coming for a long time. While tourists who volunteer in orphanages do not see anything wrong in what they are doing, this action actually encourages families to give up their children for money, which is just awful no matter where you look at it.

However, just this month Australia pledged to cut federal support for such organisations amid mounting concerns over “orphanage tourism”, where children are