Climate Change Is Real

Wherever you live on the planet today, you cannot just ignore the reality of climate change. It is no longer just a prediction you’ve probably heard decades ago. It is now our reality. You can see it always in the news. The world is heating up. The ocean is rising. Natural calamities are getting stronger and more destructive. It is just bad news every single day. However, we can’t just close our eyes and pretend all these things are not happening. It is scary, indeed, but we have no one else to blame but ourselves. For the longest time, humans have been abusing Mother Nature. We use up most of the world’s resources without a care in the world not thinking if there will be enough left for the future generation. Just look around you and it is easy to see why climate change came sooner than expected. Our incessant use of technology requires energy to fuel it. We just keep increasing our demands on the planet and not realizing that all these will trigger something really nasty over time.

Since the whole world is already aware of the problem, the experts have been paying more attention to climate change to hopefully understand what is happening to the planet and if there is anything else we can do to slow it down if that is still possible at the moment. All the little changes in the world signal something and since it has already been a long time that we’ve been abusing and misusing the …

It’s Not Yet Too Late To Save The Environment

The planet is hurting. It’s too obvious for everyone to see yet many of us turn a blind eye to these drastic environmental changes that are happening everywhere. Even other species on the planet are suffering and many have been completely wiped off from the face of the planet never to be seen again after becoming extinct. However, we are too obsessed with the latest trends and with social media that we rarely give the time of day for these more pressing environmental issues.

Environmental protection and conservation are a must because it is our responsibility as the most superior species on the planet (and the ones that also caused the most destruction). Earth is our only home. We haven’t fully explored yet the possibility of living in another planet nor even found one that is as hospitable as ours. Then, there’s climate change that makes life more challenging for many of us. The heat is trapped on the planet and it is affecting major weather systems and has sped up the melting of polar caps, for instance, which can decimate many island nations in a few year’s time.

Predictions for a planet affected by climate change can sound like they’re ripped from a doomsday novel: stronger hurricanes, intense heat waves, rising sea levels and the disappearance of ice in the Arctic.

And scientists have seen some of those changes already taking place, according to NASA.

Climate change — as well as other environmental issues like deforestation and wildlife extinction — have the potential