Is Cannabis Treatment Safe For Pets?

Pet lovers consider their pets as part of the family and treat them as such. They look after their needs and shower them with love and affection. In a sense, pets are like babies that are the apple of their eyes. Imagine going home to a puppy that is wagging its tail by your doorstep, excited for your return.

But of course, you are free to choose whatever animal you want as a pet as long as you are capable of caring for it and giving it the love and attention it needs – be it a dog, cat, hamster, fish or birds – it is up to you, and not just abandon them or leave animals in shelters when caring for them is no longer convenient for you.

Take responsibility for our pets. No excuses allowed.

Most do. Most are conscientious when it comes to looking after the well-being of their dogs and cats. Most treat them like the family members they are, feed them, bathe them, let them sleep in the house — even on the furniture. Key is, they keep them, to the end. If they can’t, they do their best to find a home for them before giving their dog to KHS.


Like humans, pets get sick too. Both young and old, pet animals can succumb to sickness and suffer in silence. They are not humans who can speak and say exactly what they feel or say where it hurts the most. They can only whimper in pain …