Religion is at the very core of society – organized religion that is. It is even as powerful as the state. The church is even exempted by the state to pay taxes because of the separation of the powers of the two and the extent of the influence they have to society. Morality is still a big issue in our modern world, though. Some people can be so uptight when it comes to their religious beliefs and they would even give up their lives when necessary. That’s the case of religious extremists that eventually become terrorists. It’s probably the problem with the world today. Religion has been taken in the wrong context and interpreted however you like aside from being used to manipulate people to hurt others.

No wonder that even atheists openly attack organized religion in today’s world when it fails to uphold a strong sense of morality among the people and prevent the endless violence and persecution that sows hate and divisiveness among the people. If the church really wants to make a difference in this world, they can do so because they have the resources and the power to make a positive change in other people’s lives. But no, they don’t always act righteously. With all the money and assets of most churches, they can afford to save the homeless people from living on the streets and they can feed the hungry but they don’t and that is a problem most of us are noticing quite increasingly now.

Though the specific sect is never identified – the iconography and the late medieval time period suggest a generic Catholicism – the Church is the source of much of the misery depicted in the show, and is directly responsible for the inciting incident. When Castlevania opens, Dracula is a recluse living in voluntary exile. The skeletons on his front lawn indicate that he is still dangerous, but he does not present an imminent threat to the rest of Wallachia. His demon army is an outpouring of vengeful grief, summoned only after an unnamed Bishop accuses Dracula’s human wife, Lisa, of witchcraft and burns her at the stake for her alleged crimes.

In truth, the execution is the first hint at the show’s brazen anti-religiosity. Lisa is not a witch, but a compassionate doctor practicing modern medicine while attempting to kickstart the enlightenment. Unfortunately, the Church has established itself as the final authority on all matters both worldly and divine, and therefore tries to expunge chemistry, curiosity and anything else that would challenge its intellectual hegemony. The Church is portrayed as a political body that prioritizes fealty over service, rejecting anything that would benefit its citizens if it contradicts the existing dogma.


Even TV shows and movies subtly attack the church for failing to do its moral obligation of looking after its people and helping them lead moral and righteous lives. We don’t need to be perfect, we just need to be compassionate enough to help one another and put an end to all the violence. These shows actually have a point. They just show the reality many of us are too afraid to talk about out of fear of being persecuted and judged wrongly.

Religious people “cling” to certain beliefs in the face of evidence because those views are closely tied to their moral compasses, new studies have suggested.

Dogmatic individuals hold confidently to their faith even when contradicted by experts because those beliefs have “emotional resonance,” researchers said.

In contrast, militant atheists struggle to see anything positive about religion because their brains are dominated by analytical thinking, scientists found.

Researchers at Case Western Reserve University in Ohio interviewed 900 religious and non-religious people in two studies examining personality characteristics that drive dogmatism.


There are many times when religious individuals and the church have openly attacked others that question their beliefs and practices. No matter how legit the argument is, they choose to ignore and stand up for what they believe in even if they know it in their hearts that they are wrong. If the church truly symbolizes the house of God, they won’t just busy themselves in making themselves rich while the rest of humanity suffers. It’s no wonder why many people are starting to realize that religion isn’t their ticket to heaven when it can barely make itself useful in this world.

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