The idea of exploring the globe has never been as tempting and as realistic as it is now. You see photos of other people traveling to different parts of the globe on social platforms like Facebook and Instagram and your heart melts at the beauty of the places.

You do not have to spend thousands to have the vacation of your dreams. In fact, some tourists go backpacking. It is an option that does not suit the taste of many but works for others. Some can even work for their food and accommodation and only spend for their plane ticket.

Air travel is also not as expensive as it used to be. There are different airline promos you can look to if you plan your trip months ahead. Racking up points can also earn you airline mileage that you can use to pay for a flight once you have accumulated sufficient points.

Hostels and Airbnb will help you find the perfect place to stay without ripping off of your hard earned money. Be creative with your travel and you can definitely go the distance at a fraction of the price.

Meanwhile, hostels and Airbnb will help you find the perfect place to stay without ripping you off of your hard earned money. Be creative with your travel and you can definitely go the distance at a fraction of the price.

We all aim for a customized travel experience and you can rarely get it if you go the usual route travelers in the past did.

There are certain travel trends that influence the idea of travel. Today’s travelers make it a point to read reviews. It gives you the feel of a place even before you step foot there. You also get to see what a certain place looks like from photos posted on sites like Airbnb. From there, you can decide if you can see yourself staying in the same place too. The Huffington Post knows exactly what this means:

As travelers move away from relying on the generic offerings of big brands, they’ll gravitate more toward customized travel experiences, which provide specialized experiences and amenities. Rather than depending on brand recognition alone, companies should cultivate their reputations on sites like Yelp, Glassdoor and TripAdvisor, where user-generated content drives decision-making. 

Speaking of getting exactly what you’re looking for, virtual reality will become more ubiquitous (and more in demand) this year. In our industry, this means travelers will seek out virtual tours that give them detailed insight into the quality, feature, and amenities of their vacation rental, hotel room or airplane cabin.


On the contrary, though, traditional travel agents have a hard time generating sales. Travelers nowadays prefer to book their own flights online. Travel tours do not catch people’s attention anymore when they can do enjoy the same tour without paying for a lucrative travel agency to do that for them.

It’s a cruel irony that the biggest asset of major traditional travel companies – great staff – has rapidly emerged as possibly their biggest issue. The numbers don’t lie.

Global travel retailer Flight Centre, with 19,500 employees, is a classic example with staff numbers (and wages) steadily increasing even though profits are in decline.

The company’s first half net profit after tax of A$74.4 million was the worst for several years, despite record turnover driven by consumer demand for cheap airfares flooding the market.

As a result, profit per staff member has collapsed and is now in the region of $3815 over the past six months.


Since many of us practically have the World Wide Web in the palm of our hand, it makes more sense to download travel apps that allow us to make our own travel itineraries along with a handy map to help you navigate while on the road. This way, you can go down the less traveled path and chance upon some wondrous natural wonder other people have not laid their eyes on.

And for some of us, there’s no need to go far. For instance, hidden in the Colorado Rockies is the Indigo Mountain Nature Center that serves as a wildlife sanctuary.

 Young Melbourne entrepreneur Anthony Soriano has just launched Loom, an app that allows friends to synchronise their travel itineraries and meet up while on the road.

“There’s also a map feature, which highlights where friends will be holidaying each month with a click of a button and a chat function to easily communicate,” Anthony says.


Millennials make up the biggest chunk of the living demographic today. And their love for technology and their desire to go out into the world have set all these travel trends into place. Some who work remotely can also travel for extended periods because they can mix both work and leisure. They are daring and have no qualms visiting uncharted territories. Some places that were not tourist favorite in previous years are now made more accessible than ever. Tourists can now travel to countries like Tunisia in the North of Africa and enjoy seeing many of its museums, ancient baths, and ruins.

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