The Dangers Of Traditional Medicine

It is inevitable for humans to get sick. We aren’t born superhumans after all, so we are susceptible to the myriad of diseases that plagues mankind for as long as we can remember. But because of our resiliency and creativity, we have managed to survive through the years. It is because we have developed what we now know as modern medicine and these medicinal concoctions have spared human life from morbidity and mortality over the ages.

Yet despite the many medicinal wonders that are now at our disposal, many still succumb to sickness and death. And as the number of chemical-based medicines abounds the market, people are looking for healthier and safer alternatives that can also deliver positive results. The resurgence of alternative medicine is growing in followers today and it is not entirely a bad thing as it gives people an option as to how they want to be treated. Some of these natural supplements, medications, and treatments are also effective, so it gives people even more reason to explore this aspect of medicine.

In many parts of the world, policymakers, health professionals and the public are wrestling with questions about culture and mental health services. Some have argued that African traditional medicine might be a more appropriate way to meet mental health needs in Africa. In some Asian countries like Pakistan, traditional healers are widely consulted for the treatment of depression.

One argument is that traditional medicine is more accessible and affordable than contemporary medicine. Patients find it easier to