Lots of people snore; that’s a fact that can’t be ignored. There are a lot of reasons why people snore and there are a lot of products that claim they can help you stop snoring. If you, or someone you love, suffer from the invasive issue of snoring, you want to read this article.

This isn’t just a review on one specific snoring mouthpiece, this is a review on snoring mouthpieces as a whole. We don’t like to play favourites so we want to share the idea that using a snoring mouthpiece can really help you get that desired 8 hours of sleep you’ve been longing for. This snoring remedies site attests to that!

Now, either you snore and you are constantly being awoken by yourself or your partner jabbing you in the ribs with an elbow, or your partner or family member snores and your supply of earplugs is running out. Of the options that are out there that say they can help with the snoring habit, we want you to consider using a snoring mouthpiece.

But why would I want to shove a hunk of plastic in my mouth when I sleep? What help will that be?

Ah yes, we have heard these questions before. Sure, using a snoring mouthpiece doesn’t sound as fun or as easy as say, using a nasal strip that is supposed to hold your nostrils open. It can be easy though and it can be unobtrusive as well. Many people shy away from the idea of snoring mouthpieces because they feel it will be uncomfortable, or that they won’t be able to find one their size as they have either a big or small mouth.

There are a lot of products out there that take personalization into consideration when they are developing their mouthpieces. One company in particular has taken customization as far as they can. The SnoreRX® allows you to boil the mouthpiece and then bite into it so that your teeth imprints help shape the piece to your mouth. They do more than that as well. Most mouthpieces work by forcing your lower jaw out so that it opens your airways better. This is the real strategy to work against snoring. The SnoreRX® has gauges on the side that allow you to adjust how far the mouthpiece moves your jaw by millimeters. MILLIMETERS! This is a pretty big deal because it allows you to get it just right.

Another company that helps with the customization of the mouthpiece is VitalSleep®. It also employs the boil-and-bite technology SnoreRX® does, but it also comes in two sizes: a larger size designed for men and a smaller size that is designed for women. VitalSleep® also comes with a tool that allows you to make those lower jaw adjustments so you can make sure it fits just right.

Snoring mouthpieces do more than just force your lower jaw out. A lot of people are afraid of that fact because they think it will hurt. Of course, if you use anything improperly it will hurt, which is why so many mouthpieces also allow you to make personal adjustments so that it will suit your personal concerns best. Most of the pieces on the market today are also designed to hold your tongue in place while you sleep. A lot of people don’t realize that not only are your airways being blocked by your mouth not being open enough, your tongue also falls to the back of your mouth restricting your airways even more.

We strongly suggest giving mouthpieces a try if you suffer from snoring. Many of them have a money-back guarantee as well so if you find it doesn’t fit just right, you can return it and try another style.


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