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Hard Drive Recovery Can Be A Lifesaver!

Thursday, April 30th, 2015

The day arrives, you’ve overcome your writers block and have sat down to complete your life’s work. As you begin to ponder the champagne toast you are going to have as you complete the very last page of your novel, suddenly your computer begins making a clicking noise. And like the ending of a bad movie, your computer’s screen goes dark. It’s lights out, and your life’s work vanishes in front of your eyes.

As humorous as this may sound, it is a reality. In our global society, over 90% of our lives are stored on our computers. From priceless pictures to novels and everything in between. According to the Strategic Research Institute, 50% of companies with a data outage lasting longer than 10 days will fail. As a result, a good hard drive recovery service should not only be something you’re familiar with, but one that is just as important as having good virus and spyware protection.

Data loss can strike at any moment, and this can cause havoc in your life. Like myself, a freelance writer, I have deadlines I have to meet. If I lose my data, I cannot provide adequate service to my customers. Regardless, whether you use your hard drive for work or pleasure, you need to find a capable provider that can fix your broken hard drive in the event it crashes.

Common causes of data loss can include, hard drive crashes, operating system failures, malicious software attacks, power surges and electrical events, fire, smoke or water damage, accidental deletion and formatting issues.

When considering a provider to assist you in your hard drive recovery, there are a few important aspects to consider. First, the cost. How much will it cost you to recover your data? Some companies charge depending on the type of data you’re recovering. Second, turnaround time, how long is it going to take to get you back on your feet? If you are like me, you may be working with an important deadline and need your data recovered as soon as possible. And lastly, which service is right for you? Everyone is different, and to determine the type of hdd repair service, we must consider the user.

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Ideally you will be able to find a company who is willing to offer you a free evaluation of the problem and provide the cost and time it will take to recover your hard drive, prior to (more…)

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